Caravan Insulation

Your caravan is a versatile vehicle that you can take almost anywhere. Given Australia‘s wide range of climates and conditions, you will want to make sure your caravan has everything it needs to make even the most difficult journeys. When you‘re getting ready to take your caravan on the road, insulation is one thing that is often overlooked.

You‘re living in a country full of extreme things, and temperatures are no exception. When the heat is beating down on the pavement outside, your caravan should be able to provide proper respite. When the temperature drops low enough to cause your breath to freeze, your caravan should provide warmth and allow your heater to work efficiently.

Caravan Preparation
Caravan Coated

Improve Living Comfort

A good heater or air conditioner in your caravan is essential, but it is not the only thing you will require to stay comfortable in a wide range of temperatures. It is also critical that your caravan has insulation.

Insulation separates the climate-controlled air inside your vehicle from the outside air. It keeps the energy you‘ve spent heating or cooling from escaping into the environment, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of your AC or heater for as long as possible without wasting energy.

Professional Application

Insulation from Thermoshield Australia helps to maintain thermal efficiency while also reducing ambient noise. Our customers rely on us to improve the efficiency of their caravans and their overall experience. If you‘re planning a long trip through the outback, purchasing caravan insulation from us is an excellent way to ensure you stay comfortable and relaxed from start to finish.

Our applicators have extensive spraying experience and have been specifically trained on our equipment. We use techniques that involve moving the spray gun around the caravan, motorhome, or RV in a systematic manner. To ensure that the application has no imperfections, we perform between coats.

Our professional application comes with a five-year warranty. Our warranty cover defects in the Thermoshield coating such as peeling and delamination but not general wear and tear, e.g. scuffs and scratches.


Prior to commencing any work, we complete an inspection to ensure that we are working with a solid and stable surface. Our inspection includes looking for the presence of rust, previous damage and repairs, the presence of mould, and paint bubbling and peeling.


Cleaning the caravan thoroughly to remove grime and dust. Once the cleaning has been completed to our high standards, the caravan is ready for masking to fully protect the components that are not to be coated.

Colour Matching

Before bringing in your caravan, we will discuss your paint colour options with you. Our most popular colour is white, which is prefered by the majority of customers. Alternatively, you can choose a new colour from the available colour samples.

Thermal Insulation
Thermal Insulation

To achieve a brilliant finish, Thermoshield liquid thermal insulation must be applied twice with consistent pressure throughout the project. We then finish the caravan application with two coats of clear topcoat to achieve a fantastic shine.


DIY Your Caravan

We sell liquid thermal insulation by the tub, ready to be applied. We can make it in almost any colour, no matter where you are in Australia we can deliver your DIY tubs to you.

Not clear on how much you need?

Give us a call or get a free quote to find out how many tubs it will take to cover your space. The key is to know how many square meters are to be covered. It can be quite tricky, but as we’ve done these calculations many times before we will be able to guide you.

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