Rusting Roof

Roof rust and corrosion occur when metal roofing comes into contact with moisture in the air, causing a chemical reaction. The longer the metal is exposed to moisture, the faster corrosion and rust will spread.

If left long enough, it is only a matter of time before the rust will break through, allowing water to run onto your ceiling and down internal walls. This can lead to an expensive repair bill if ceilings, walls, furniture and carpets are damaged by water and mould. You may also face the risk of damage to electrical wiring and light fittings.

Rust Converter Before
Rust Converter After

Other common roofing problems include leaks + moisture (deadly mould spore), punctures + penetrations, blistering, poor installation and workmanship.

Eliminate Roof Rust

Corrugated iron is distinctly Australian. Unfortunately, our corrugated iron is very susceptible to rust. Suppose you have metal roofs that are over 15 years old. In that case, you may find small amounts of rust and deterioration starting to appear if you’re positioned in an extremely corrosive environment such as seaside or heavy industrial. Our rust converter of choice is designed for application over bad rust only, and the coating converts all the mixed iron oxides, plus hydrated iron oxides, into an iron phosphate which is an irreversible reaction.

Probably the biggest concern with roof maintenance is the risk of individuals working at heights, so only attempt this yourself if it can be done safely. Your best bet? Contact one of our experts who can make sure the job is done efficiently, effectively and safely for you!


Powerwash the roof under high pressure removing all grime and rust flakes rendering a clean roof to ensure that the rust converters can adhere.

Remedial Repairs
Remedial Repairs

Remedial repairing of holes or cracks is made before rust conversion.


Reinforcing membrane applied to holes and weak areas to strengthen and restore integrity to damaged areas.

Rust Converter
Rust Converter

Apply rust converter only to heavily corroded areas and not clean steel.

Rust Converter

The Thermoshield rust converter process will fix leaks from holes and cracks to prolong the life of the roof structure by being an effective barrier against corrosive elements. Our preferred rust converter has a lower pH value, which enables it to be applied directly over rusted steel where the converting action converts all rust while simultaneously forming a tough protective coating over converting steel. It is an inevitable reaction that results in a permanent rust conversion when the preparation and application of the surface are correct.

With the ability to withstand the damaging effects of acids & alkaline, salts & gases, oxygen & water, chemical compounds.

When working with Thermoshield, you can be confident that you are getting the best service. We use only the highest quality materials and manage the entire project from start to finish.

Rust Converter Before

Rust Converter with Coating

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