Roof Insulation

If you are experiencing hot living conditions in summer or cold conditions in winter and the associated high energy bills, then liquid thermal insulation could be the simple answer.

Extended use of air conditioners in summer or heaters in winter contributes to high electricity costs. Still, there are ways to help minimise such high energy costs and increase your comfort at the same time. Liquid thermal insulation is the most significant action you can take toward creating a more economical and comfortable environment. Suppose you already have liquid thermal insulation on your roof and are still experiencing severe temperatures inside your building, In that case, it is advisable to ensure the insulation has not deteriorated over time or that the R-value is correct for the climate zone you reside in.


Other common roofing problems include leaks + moisture (deadly mould spore), punctures + penetrations, blistering, poor installation and workmanship.

Cool Your Roof

The heat will always leak through, and heat can even dissipate through the ceiling in winter! If you want to keep your building at comfortable room temperature year-round, you may need to take heat extraction and roof ventilation seriously.


In-wall and in-roof insulation can help keep the cool in and the heat out in summer and vice versa in winter. Uninsulated ceilings can make buildings up to 35% hotter.


Consider adding ventilation to your roof, such as whirly-birds and under-eave vents to remove some of the hot air.


A well-shaded building can block 90% of the suns heat in warmer months. Install artificial shadings such as eaves, pergolas, awnings, blinds, shutters and curtains.


Paint your building a lighter colour and consider having the windows glazed to keep the heat out.

Roof Repair vs Replacement

Bring new life into your roof! Avoid costly roof replacements and book Thermoshield’s services instead, for a fraction of the cost. To reinforce our quality, Thermoshield Australia offers a 10-year warranty.

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Buy the Tub

We sell liquid thermal insulation by the tub, ready to be applied. We can make it in almost any colour, no matter where you are in Australia we can deliver your DIY tubs to you.

Not clear on how much you need?

Give us a call or get a free quote to find out how many tubs it will take to cover your space. The key is to know how many square meters are to be covered. It can be quite tricky, but as we’ve done these calculations many times before we will be able to guide you.

Thermoshield Thermal Insulation

An application of Thermoshield liquid thermal insulation helps reduce energy consumption by preventing heat loss during winter and heat gains during summer. Wildly popular for DIY projects and predominantly used in larger warehouses and larger-scale industrial facilities to keep the energy costs down. Thermoshield is an insulative coating (it’s much more than paint!)

Thermoshield liquid thermal insulation creates a cool rooftop that:

Keeps everyone and everything underneath cooler in summer and warmer in winter, improving occupancy comfort, Reduces energy bills by decreasing air conditioning and heating usage. Goes on any roof surface, from metal sheeting, Colorbond and asphalt shingles, Decreases roof temperature, which may extend roof life, Lowers carbon footprint.

Thermal Insulation Before

Thermal Insulation After

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When you purchase from Thermoshield, you are not only making an important investment in the structural integrity of your property, you are assured of being provided with the highest quality of products and services. Here at Thermoshield, we are proud of the strong relationships we have built with our partners and customers. Our products have been tried and tested to our country’s unique conditions, and offer outstanding performance. Proudly Australian owned and made since 1997.

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